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About Us

About Us

Our Journey of Excellence

Established in 2006, Speedline is a 24-Hour Distribution Company proudly located in the heart of Bloemfontein. With a fleet comprising approximately 33 vehicles, ranging from nimble 1 Ton options to robust 32 Tons giants, we are your trusted partners in efficient and reliable transportation services.

Experience the swift and reliable distribution solutions provided by Speedline, available day and night. Trust Speedline for dependable and efficient services as we embark on a journey of excellence together!


HSSE compliant and a conttibutor to BBEE Level 2.




Our vision is to exceed in all our Customers’ expectations and to achieve Market Leadership and Operating Excellence in every segment of our Industry.


We are dedicated to providing our customers safe, reliable, continuous, and cost-effective service. We wish to establish a successful partnership and believe Our Success will be measured by our Patrons choosing us because of their belief in our Ability to meet or exceed their expectations of Service and Expertise.

Our Core Business

We proudly serve the Free State, Northern Cape, North-west, and Lesotho regions.

Experience Matters

Our Proven Track Record

With a remarkable 16 years of experience in the industry, Speedline understands the critical elements that drive customer satisfaction and business growth. We recognize that prompt delivery, coupled with the precision of documentation, is of utmost importance. It’s not just about moving goods; it’s about doing so seamlessly and reliably.

Our commitment to excellence in service has been our guiding principle from day one. We prioritize your cargo’s safety, timely delivery, and the satisfaction of our valued customers. Speedline is your go-to partner for dependable, 24-hour distribution services that ensure your goods reach their destination efficiently and intact.

Join us on this reliability, efficiency, and customer-centric transportation solutions journey. At Speedline, we don’t just move goods; we deliver trust. Experience the difference with us today.